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Fallbrook UnionElementary School District

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About Us

About the District

The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District serves a kindergarten through eighth grade student population at nine school sites, including two schools located on the United States Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton. Evidence of the quality of the educational program offered to students, all of our schools annually meet or exceed the State’s accountability markers of the Academic Performance Index. The District has also been recognized for winning the California School Board Association achievement of the Golden Bell for multiple programs.

The District’s commitment to curriculum development has resulted in an articulated instructional program with continuous input from the teaching staff. An integral part of the school system is the use of up-to-date computers, video and audio systems at all levels. Gifted and talented students, identified and challenged with special coursework, extend their learning opportunities.

A comprehensive English Learners Program is fully operational for limited English proficient students, with 98% of the teachers holding State Bilingual Certification and Language Development Certificates. A variety of instructional delivery models are available at individual school sites, including self-contained classrooms, team teaching, departmentalization and flexible grouping patterns. Several programs are offered within these settings including; structured English Immersion, English Language Mainstream and Bilingual classrooms. SIP, Title I, Migrant Education and other categorical programs which provide additional support.

Special Education classes are located on each school site. Services include Resource Specialist centers, full day Special Day classes, Pre-School classes and Severely Handicapped classes. Additionally, fully equipped computer labs are available at each school site.

Student counseling services are made available in grades kindergarten through eight by a District Counselor, with Psychologists providing assessment services. Additional support staff includes Speech Therapists, District Nurses, and Adapted P.E. teachers.

New first and second year teachers are required to participate in a customized support program known as BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment). BTSA supports beginning teachers as they transition from teacher preparation to taking on the complex responsibilities of full-time classroom teaching.

Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities through parent/teacher associations and active parenting classes. The community also boasts a child-oriented attitude, with strong parent support and an active parent and community volunteer program. Parents are active members of District Advisory Committees and individual School Site Councils.

The Community

The Fallbrook community is located along the northern boundary of San Diego County. Fallbrook provides an enjoyable working environment and comfortable year-round temperatures, clear skies, rolling hillsides and a quaint village atmosphere. With the rural life-style available, students have the full benefit of services and conveniences found in the city. The income of the area ranges from low to upper levels.

Recreation areas in the North San Diego County are easily reached via freeway, many within an hour or less. Beaches, mountains and deserts offer surfing, water-skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, exploring, or just relaxing.

Housing in Fallbrook is attractive and modern, yet affordable. There are many new apartment complexes with reasonable rents, and homes are priced from $300,000 to over $500,000.

Climate features warm, sunny days, combined with comfortable, balmy evenings. Residents enjoy many 70 degree winter days.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District is to provide the pathway for all students to attain expertise and develop skills of academic excellence that will empower them to:
  • Become lifelong active learners
  • Perform successfully in their chosen field and in society
  • Model respect for themselves and others in a diverse and global society
  • Think and apply information in a critical manner
The Governing Board of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District shows great commitment to our professional educators.

The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District adheres to all federal and state laws prohibiting the possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs and alcohol. The District is committed to a smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free screening test, at District expense.

It is the fundamental policy of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District to provide equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, age, creed, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition or marital status.