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What is STEM?
STEM education is about creating a student-centered, inquiry-based classroom where students discover the natural (and real world) connections between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education is an integration of disciplines that removes the traditional barriers between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and instead focuses on innovation and applied process of addressing questions and designing solutions to complex problems using current tools and technologies.

Working Goals for FUESD
We want students to:
  1. Apply Digital Literacies in an authentic way
  2. Build the skill set needed to succeed in College and Career with a focus on Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking
  3. Actively participate in a learning relationship fostered by collaboration and real time feedback
  4. Embrace the struggle (Solving problems often times means that we must try multiple solutions and that we learn from each trial)
FUESD is proud of our accomplishments in providing STEM For ALL in each of our schools. Each school has an innovation lab which is staffed by a full time STEM Teacher, Family STEM nights and curriculum units that are aligned to the new Next Generation Science Standards; our students have access to technology (1:1 Chromebooks, Grades 4-8 and Chromebook Carts and desktop stations in Grades K-3); we have a comprehensive Digital Citizenship curriculum (Common Sense Media) for all grade levels; and we are excited to be partnering with Discovery Education who will be providing our district with extensive dynamic digital resources and job-embedded professional development that will support our STEM efforts.