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Will families be notified of a return date?
As of now, students will not be returning to FUESD school facilities for the remainder of the year. If we are able to open schools again based on direction from public health officials, we will communicate that date to families as soon as we have plans in place to re-open.
Will students have to repeat the grade they are in?
Students will not be repeating the grade they are in now. Teachers will make adjustments to their instruction next year, knowing that students will have experienced some gaps in their learning. Parent requests for retention will be reviewed according to our district’s current retention policy.
Will school start earlier next year?
No decisions have been made yet to adjust the start of school for next year, which is currently scheduled for August 17, 2020.
What are the ongoing plans for distance learning and grades for the remainder of the school year?
All FUESD teachers are currently engaged in distance learning and have been for the last 3 weeks. We will continue to follow our current distance learning plans through weeks 4 and 5, ending April 24th.

We will be working with teacher leaders and principals to gather feedback, input and guidance in the development of expectations and plans for the remaining 5 weeks of school.

The work for students as of now has been optional. However, we are now also developing guidelines and expectations for work completion and grades for the remaining 5 weeks of school. These plans and expectations will be shared with parents and teachers after Spring Break.

How will 8th grade promotion be handled?
If schools remain closed for the remainder of the year, we will not have a promotion ceremony but will look to create some sort of promotion celebration for our 8th graders when public health officials provide guidance that large groups can gather safely again. We are also working with FHS now to create a smooth transition plan for our 8th-grade students.
When is Kindergarten Round-Up/registration for next year?
We will be communicating with parents soon how to register their child for next year’s kindergarten. Online and paper registrations will be available for families.
Will there be an extended school year or summer school?
There are currently no plans to extend the school year. If schools are reopened, we plan to have ESY for special education and Migrant Ed students, as we usually do. The State of California does not currently fund regular education summer school, but this may change.
Will there be more Chromebooks available to students?

Additional Chromebooks: We will be making additional Chromebooks available again for families that need them. Principals will be communicating new dates for pick up at their schools for families who request them.

Repairs: A repair plan is already in place. Parents may contact the Tech Helpline if they need repair/replacement.

Hotspots: We are working to secure additional hotspots for families. Unfortunately, they are currently in short supply. As we receive them, we will work with principals to distribute them.

TK Students: TK students do not have Google accounts, and therefore, cannot log into a Chromebook.TK students access district online programs via Clever. We are working to determine how we can distribute district iPads to TK students after Spring Break.

Will FUESD continue to serve meals for students?
School meals will be served to all students for the remainder of the year, including Spring Break. We will update the FUESD website regularly for meal delivery schedules and locations, as they are subject to change.
How will students get their yearbooks?
Schools will be developing a method to distribute yearbooks at the end of the school year. This may include specific pick up dates and mailing yearbooks home.
Is there training for parents in using the online learning tools at home?
We will be adding a link to our website for Online Tutorials for parents to support learning at home.
How can students get their personal belongings from the classroom?
While we are on ‘stay at home’ orders throughout the state, we will not be entering classrooms to gather student belongings at this time. We will develop a process for gathering and returning students’ and staff’s personal belongings sometime toward the end of the year.

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