Along with reading, writing and arithmetic, Fallbrook Union Elementary School District is bringing a new subject of study to the classroom: leadership.

Like many California classrooms, students are earning a strong foundation of reading, language and STEM, but in Fallbrook core subjects are now being taught through the lens of being a student leader.

Student leadership is not a new focus for FUESD. The district has been recognised nationally as one of the leading examples of creating student leaders. Partnering with publisher Franklin Covey, Fallbrook schools are teaching “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” to students through the “Leader in Me” program. These habits revolve around the ideas of personal responsibility, teamwork and having a “win-win” attitude.

To showcase this emphasis in creating student leaders, FUESD schools are having rallies and events where, instead of the center of attention being around a sports team, the focus is on celebrating student leaders and their accomplishments.

Two schools that have recently had their leadership rallies are Live Oak Elementary School and Potter Junior High School. Potter principal Edith Powers, Ph.D., described their rally as a “celebration to promote school pride, student connectedness and positive student culture.”

When asked about the impact of having a leadership-focused school culture, Live Oak principal Patti Parson said she was excited to share the changes she has seen.

“We have seen an increase in student ownership of learning and involvement within our school and a decrease in classroom management and discipline issues,” Parson said.

With leadership now being a cornerstone focus of study, the sky’s the limit on what FUESD’s student leaders will accomplish in the years to come.