As many of you know, I am passionate about personal and professional development. No matter where or how you serve this community, we can all have a growth mindset and strive to be lifelong learners by regularly attending classes or workshops, reading books and other professional writings, or listening to an engaging and thoughtful podcast or speaker.

Throughout my tenure, I have shared many books on a wide variety of subjects with our staff. While these books are often specific to a certain professional role, many times all of us can benefit from the lessons these books offer. It is in this spirit of collaboration and continued learning that I would like to share my Superintendent’s Bookshelf. This is just a small sample of the books I have found useful and relevant during my over 30-year career as an educator, as well as in my life as a mother, wife, daughter, and friend. I sincerely hope you take a moment to look through my favorite picks below and find a book that will help you grow into a better and stronger version of yourself.

As I continue to find new inspiring reads, I will continue to add books to the bookshelf, so check back regularly!


Dr. Candace Singh, Superintendent

Take a moment to view the current library