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Teacher directory

Kim Gardner
Manuela Rios
Osmara Gomez
Emily Howard
Gregoria Beltran
Yolanda Jimenez
Suzanna Hernandez


The Choate Center program includes four CA State Preschool classrooms and two special education preschool classrooms. Our program model supports the inclusion of all participating children in a variety of weekly, cross- classroom integrated activities. We value diversity and welcome all children without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, disability or handicap. California State Preschool Program CDA’s preschools are part of a statewide preschool program funded by the California Department of Education called the California State Preschool Program (CSPP). The program provides subsidized part-day services for eligible three and four year olds with a curriculum that is developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate for the children served. The program also provides a meal to children, parent education, referrals to health and social services for families, and staff development opportunities and ongoing training to employees.

General Information

Professional Development(PD) – Professional Development is highly encouraged by the district and also provides opportunity for PD within our district.

Session Hours

AM: 7:45 – 10:45 am
PM: 11:30 – 2:30 am


Fallbrook Union Elementary School District Administrative Offices
321 N. Iowa St., Fallbrook, CA 92028

Sarah D’Errico
Coordinator, Special Education

Phone: (760) 695-9876

Preschool Staff
Supervisor: Brenda Ramos

Phone:(760) 695-9609
E-mail: bramos@fuesd.org

State Preschool Teachers
Osmara Gomez, Yolanda Jimenez, Gregoria Beltran, and Manuela Rios

Receptionist/Health Technician
Julia Amezcua

Special Education Teachers
Emily Howard, Kimberly Gardner, and Stephanie Dias Diniz

Special Education Support Staff

Jackie Bestmann, Speech Pathologist

Sarah Engebretson, Speech Pathologist

Pam Cline, Bilingual School Psychologist


Our program admits preschool children, ages 3 to 5 years who do not yet qualify for kindergarten. We include and welcome children with special needs. To determine eligibility for Mike Choate Early Education Preschool Program, the family will be invited to an intake interview appointment. During this interview, thorough documentation is required including: birth records of all children in the household, proof of residency, documentation of all countable income for the month preceding certification, and required forms for each eligible child. When determining family size, documentation must be provided for each parent in the household who is responsible for the child. Every family must meet the income eligibility guidelines. The intake appointment is the time to see the center and get your questions answered about the early learning program. *All student records, including documentation, are confidential.

Admission Priorities

First priority – 3 & 4 year old children referred by Child Protective Services

Second priority– 3 & 4 year old children who are at risk, homelessness, Cash Aid Recipient, etc.

Third priority – eligible 4-year-old children Children enrolled in the program as 3 year olds Four-year-old children whose families have the lowest income ranking Children who have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Fourth priority – eligible 3-year-old children Title 5: Four-year-old children are defined as children turning four on or before September 1 of that school year. Three-year-old children are defined as children turning three on or before September 1 of that school year.

Waitlist – If and when a waitlist is created, we will follow our admission priorities followed by income rating

– If and when a waitlist is created, we will follow our admission priorities followed by income rating

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