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About SMA

Santa Margarita Academy is a Community Day School operated by the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District. The school provides students with a rigorous, standards-based education, and develops behavior and social-emotional skills that are necessary to be a successful and confident individual. We also work to develop students’ leadership and study skills necessary to take ownership of their own learning, succeed academically and be better prepared for life beyond the classroom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support students to return to a regular education setting. Generally, students will spend at least nine weeks in the class and no more than one year. Entrance and exit will be determined by the classroom teacher and administrator.

Program Outcomes

Students will be provided with coursework that parallels the regular education core curriculum with emphasis on their individual instructional levels. Additionally, teacher-made lessons that are centered around project-based learning that provide hands-on experiences will be utilized. Instruction will be presented in large groups, small groups, and individually.

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with the community and support non-profit organizations in Fallbrook. By providing community service, our students will learn the value of helping others and contribute to our community’s philanthropic efforts.

An Alternative Pathway

To support students in preparation for the rigors of high school, and support their needs in an alternative setting, a school counselor and school social worker are assigned to assist with student and family intervention. Group and individual counseling will occur more than one time per week upon request or need. Specialized curriculum and instruction are also offered to address the students’ academic needs and strengths

Leonard Rodriguez
Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services

Raquel Calderon
Secretary lll – Bilingual
Fax: 760-731-9126

Michelle Goodman Ed.D
Lead Teacher


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