12 Years of Robo-Brilliance: Potter Junior High Robotics Team Sets the Standard.

Potter Junior High School is excited to announce its ongoing commitment to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education through the First Lego League program. With the guidance of Potter’s Math teacher and Robotics coach, Chuck Floto, the school’s Robotics team is set for another year of thrilling hands-on learning.

FIRST LEGO League is a remarkable program that introduces STEM concepts to children aged 4 to 16 through engaging, real-world problem-solving experiences in the field of robotics. The program instills essential skills, including coding, engineering, and critical thinking, in young minds while fostering teamwork and creativity.

Chuck Floto, Math teacher at Potter Junior High School and Robotics Coach, underscores the program’s importance: “First Lego League has been very popular with our students at Potter JHS. Each year we have 20-30 students who make up our 5-6 person teams. They dedicate many hours preparing to compete in the qualifying tournament. Based on their performance they can move on to the area final tournament at Legoland in December. Our teams have made it to the finals 3 times. It’s always great to see excited incoming 6th graders who have been waiting patiently to join the team.”

At the heart of the First Lego League program is friendly competition, with teams of students aged 11 to 13 engaging in research, problem-solving, coding, and engineering. They build and program a LEGO robot, preparing it to navigate the challenges of a thrilling robot game. In addition to the robotics aspect, the teams also take on a research project, identifying and solving a relevant real-world problem, thereby encouraging a holistic understanding of STEM concepts.

Potter Junior High School has a strong track record of participating in the FIRST LEGO League competition for the past 12 years. They have consistently encouraged girls to join the team, and this year, an all-girls team known as the “Ladies of Lego” is set to make a significant impact in the upcoming tournament.

Chuck Floto also stated, “This year, we’re particularly excited about the ‘Ladies of Lego’ team. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and we’re confident they’ll make a strong showing at our upcoming tournament.”

The next tournament for Potter Junior High School’s robotics team is scheduled for November 12th at Poway High School. It promises to be an event filled with enthusiasm, innovation, and STEM excellence.

Potter Junior High School is thrilled to continue its commitment to fostering STEM learning and inspiring young minds to explore the world of robotics. The First Lego League program exemplifies the school’s dedication to preparing students for a bright and innovative future.

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