FUESD After School FAQ

1. What is FUESD After School?

Our new and expanded “Afterschool Program” is in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, formerly ASES.

2. Who qualifies for the FUESD After School Program?

FUESD is 75% Unduplicated, so we can offer all students the opportunity to participate in the enrichment and intervention.

3. What are Unduplicated Students?

The State requires an LEA to prioritize Unduplicated Students; (English Learners, Foster Youth, students experiencing homelessness, and students eligible for free or reduced-priced meals)

4. How many sessions will there be?

FUESD will offer five sessions; the first is four weeks, and the remaining sessions will be six weeks long. FUESD After School Sessions 22-23

5. Who teaches the sessions?

FUESD teachers are welcomed to teach one or several sessions, share the assignment with a partner or commit to all the sessions. Teachers may choose to teach “intervention” or enrichment.

6. What time are the classes?

Every school has three classes a day, your assignment will depend on # of teachers and vendors assigned to the schedule.  Intervention classes take priority and will be during the first time block. Enrichment classes will only take place during the second time block. 22-23  FUESD After School Classes

7. Will there still be tutorials offered where I can teach my own classroom students?

There will no longer be “tutorial sessions” the After School Intervention will replace tutorials. Teachers will be assigned a grade level depending on how many teachers your school site apply; teachers may be able to teach some of their own students and their own grade level if these are the students with identified need at the specific grade level.

8. What type of enrichment classes can teachers provide?

If teachers choose to participate in Enrichment, we are open to any courses teachers have expertise or passion in teaching, such as STEM, Art, Music, Chess, Foreign language, drama, sports, coding, etc.

9. What is the certificated pay for After School classes?

  • The hourly rate is $75 per hour per FUESD MOU
  • Session 1 (2 hours prep)
  • Sessions 2-5 (3 hours of prep)

10. How will we teachers be selected for an assignment?

The site lead teacher will contact you to offer you a placement.

11. How do we sign up to teach classes?

Intervention Sign Up- https://forms.gle/xzDKeeFjM4TYMqCTA
Enrichment Sign Up-

12. How do students register for the program?

The site lead teacher and school Bilingual Liaison or Receptionist (MFP/SOS) will be the point of contact. We currently have a waiting list but hope to add 40-50 spots at each school site. Please send recommendations or parent inquiries to your site lead.


Lillian Perez
Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities
(760) 695-9874

Araceli Archuleta Cazarez
Secretary III, ELO
(760) 695-9877

321 Iowa St.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

(760) 731-5400

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