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The Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services is the single point of contact should parents or community members have questions or concerns related to school safety and/or campus climate.  The school site principal is the school campus leader and also an available contact should specific site-level questions or concerns arise related to safety and/or campus climate.  Contact information for the Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services is listed above, and school principal contact information is located on each FUESD individual school’s homepage.

Department Contacts
Leonard Rodriguez | Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Raquel Calderon | Secretary lll – Bilingual| 760-731-5442

Office Fax Number | 760-731-9126

Student Services Department Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Jessica Miner, ASW District Social Worker
(760) 731-5442
Jessica Botica, BCBA District Behavior Specialist (760) 731-5412
Kitty McNeil, RN
District Nurse
(760) 731-5442
Pam Wikert, RN
District Nurse (760) 731-5442

Student Services is located at the District Office, in the Education Services Department, Room 401.
Office Hours: 7:30- 4:00, Monday- Friday
What are the boundaries for FUESD schools?

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2022 California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)
ASES Information

FUESD has partnered with The Boys and Girls Club for years to provide a safe after school environment

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Student Release Procedures
Health and Immunizations

Under the law known as SB 277, beginning January 1, 2016, exemptions based on personal beliefs will no longer be an option for the vaccines that are currently required for entry into child care or school in California. Most families will not be affected by the new law because their children have received all required vaccinations. Personal beliefs exemptions on file for a child already attending child care or school will remain valid until the child reaches the next immunization checkpoint at kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade.

For more information about SB 277, please review these Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about school immunization requirements and resources, please visit the California Department of Public Health’s website​, or contact your local health department.

Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information:  This document provides authorization from the Parent/guardian for the disclosure and/or use of pupil health information between FUESD and any specified external agency. This document will allow school staff to contact your child’s physician regarding medical needs for school.

Medication Administration at School

The Physician Statement and Medication Authorization forms are required for school staff to administer any medication while at school.  The physician statement must be signed by a licensed physician and is valid for one year.  Please contact the Health Care Specialist at your school site for more information regarding medication administration at school.

Report of Health Examination for School Entry: Through early and periodic health care, you will maximize your child’s ability to learn in school. For this reason, the State of California has the “Child Health and Developmental Prevention” (CHDP) Program. It requires all children to complete a physical examinations 18 months before and 90 days after entering the first grade. Please complete this form with your child’s primary health care provided before or during first grade.

FUESD Health History:  Updated health information is important to providing a safe and healthy learning environment. Please submit an updated Health History form to the Health Care Specialist at your child’s school site each year. (This new pdf has both the english and Spanish versions in one document and can replace the two separate documents on the website, I also removed the 2017-18 school year so that we won’t have to update this annually)

Oral Health Assessment: “To make sure your child is ready for school, California law, Education Code Section 49452.8, requires that your child have an oral health assessment (dental check-up) during his or her first year in public school. Please complete this form with your child’s dentist and return it to the Health Care Specialist at your child’s school.”

Parent Rights

Below are a few links to parental rights documentation

Santa Margarita Leadership Academy

Santa Margarita Leadership Academy is a Community Day School operated by the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District. The school provides students with a rigorous, standards-based education, and develops behavior and social-emotional skills that are necessary to be a successful and confident individual. We also work to develop students’ leadership and study skills necessary to take ownership of their own learning, succeed academically and be better prepared for life beyond the classroom.

Santa Margarita Leadership Academy will generally operate with 8-10 students with 12 being the maximum enrollment.  The intent of the program is to return students to the regular education setting.  Generally, students will spend at least nine weeks in the class and no more than one year.  Entrance and exit will be determined by the classroom teacher and administrator unless severe behavior problems warrant immediate dismissal. 

Students will be provided with coursework that parallels the regular education core curriculum with emphasis on their individual instructional levels.  Additionally, teacher-made lessons that are centered around project-based learning that provide hands-on experiences will be utilized.  Instruction will be presented in large groups, small groups, and individually. 

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with the community and support non-profit organizations in Fallbrook. By providing community service, our students will learn the value of helping others and contribute to our community’s philanthropic efforts.

To assist students in the preparation for returning to the regular education campus and in dealing with the challenges that brought them to need the Santa Margarita Leadership Academy, a school counselor and school social worker will be assigned to assist with student and family intervention.  Group and individual counseling will occur and parent education classes more than one time per week upon request or need. 

For more information, please contact Student Services Department at (760) 731-5442.

Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Section 504”) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in public or private programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of Section 504 is to protect students with disabilities from discrimination. The second purpose is to provide a free appropriate public education to those students who actually have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity and need services or accommodations to access their educational program, in which case the student has a Section 504 Services Plan. Section 504 is not a special education law.