A Spirit of Tradition: Embracing Native American Heritage Month in Fallbrook

Bedrock milling stations of the Luiseño people are still visible at Live Oak Park. This site is just down stream of the Reche school house. Oak Trees surround the area, providing a steady source of acorns.

Fallbrook Union Elementary School District proudly celebrates Native American Heritage Month throughout November, honoring the profound legacy and cultural contributions of the Indigenous peoples who have resided on this land for generations. The Luiseño Tribe, has been an integral part of the region of Fallbrook for thousands of years.

In our vibrant community of Fallbrook, we recognize and honor the enduring ties between this land and its Indigenous inhabitants, including the members of the La Jolla Band. Throughout this month, we unite to acknowledge and pay tribute to the resilient spirit and invaluable cultural heritage of the Luiseño people, whose traditional territory originally encompassed roughly 1,500 miles of southern California, extending north of the Kumeyaays’ land and including most of the San Luis Rey and Santa Margarita drainages.

The term “Luiseño” derives from the San Luis Rey Mission, historically used in Southern California to refer to Takic-speaking people associated with the mission, including the members of the La Jolla Band.

The presence of the Luiseño tribe, including the La Jolla Band, in Fallbrook spans back through the ages, their deep-rooted history intertwined with the very essence of the land on which our schools and community thrive. From the earliest settlement of this area, the Luiseño people have significantly contributed to shaping the diverse and rich tapestry of our local heritage.

Together, let us take this opportunity to honor the historical significance of the past, including the longstanding presence of the La Jolla Band and the Luiseño Tribe, and collectively envision a future that fosters unity, understanding, and unwavering respect for all cultures. This month, and always, we celebrate and uplift the profound influence and enduring heritage of Native American communities within our community of Fallbrook.


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