‘Kitchenistas’ Program Promoting Healthy Eating and Family Wellness

kitchenistas Fallbrook Union Elementary School District is excited to announce the launch of its innovative “Kitchenistas” program as part of its Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) initiative. The program aims to empower parents with valuable culinary skills, promoting healthy cooking and meal preparation within the community.

The inaugural session of the Parent Kitchenista classes kicked off with a special focus on DELAC(District English Learner Advisory Committee) / PAC (Parent Advisory Committee), showcasing the commitment of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District to inclusivity and community engagement. Participants had the opportunity to attend four comprehensive 1.5-hour classes, each carefully curated to enhance their understanding of healthy cooking and meal prepping.

Led by our experienced Kitchenista staff, the classes delved into various aspects of creating nutritious and balanced meals. The first session emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced plate, incorporating healthy vegetables, and understanding recommended serving sizes. Beyond the basics, participants explored essential topics such as reading food labels, utilizing spices instead of salt, discovering recipe substitutions, and mastering exciting new recipes.

What sets the “Kitchenistas” program apart is its hands-on approach. Parents actively participate in meal prepping during the classes, gaining practical experience that they can apply in their own kitchens. As a delightful bonus, each participant takes home a new recipe along with essential cooking tools to continue their culinary journey at home.

Expanded Learning Director, Lilly Perez, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “The ‘Kitchenistas’ program aligns with our commitment to holistic education. By empowering parents with practical cooking skills, we not only enhance their well-being but also contribute to the overall health and happiness of our community.”

The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District believes that education extends beyond the traditional classroom, and initiatives like the “Kitchenistas” program underscore its dedication to providing diverse learning opportunities for students and their families.

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