Extended School Year and Migrant Summer School Programs Kick Off with Exciting New Initiatives

Students reading in one of the newly-create Cozy Corners.

The Extended School Year (ESY) program has commenced, offering enriching educational experiences to 220 students, including both students with disabilities and typical students. This year, the ESY program is hosted by La Paloma Elementary, San Onofre School and the Mike Choate Early Education Center, running from June 4 to July 1, five days a week.

The ESY program focuses on maintaining Individualized Education Program (IEP) goal progress through a dynamic Olympics-themed curriculum. This theme not only encourages physical activity and teamwork but also integrates academic challenges and learning objectives tailored to each student’s needs. Spearheading this initiative is ESY principal Sarah Salberg, alongside Emily Howard, the lead teacher at SOS. Their collaborative efforts promise a supportive and engaging learning environment for all participants.

In conjunction with ESY, the Migrant Summer School also began this Tuesday, following a successful preparation and training day on Monday. This prep day included a vibrant Summer Kick-Off event for families, featuring activities, refreshments, and an introduction to the summer’s learning plans. The event aimed to build a sense of community and set a positive tone for the weeks ahead.

Each classroom in the Migrant Summer School is equipped with cozy reading corners filled with new and exciting books. These spaces are designed to foster a love for reading and provide a comfortable environment where students can immerse themselves in literature. Additionally, the school has launched a summer reading challenge, building on the public library’s challenge and our district’s own initiative, encouraging students to continue developing their reading skills over the summer.

Both the ESY and Migrant Summer School programs are committed to providing high-quality education and support to students during the summer months. The programs aim to bridge any learning gaps and ensure that students return to school in the fall ready to succeed.

The success of these programs relies heavily on the dedication and hard work of the teachers and staff involved. Their commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment is commendable and greatly appreciated by the community.

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