Fall Celebration at the Mike Choate Early Education Center

The Mike Choate Early Education Center opened its doors to parents, families, and students for a festive and memorable MCC Fall Celebration. The event brought together the school community for a morning of fun fall games, lively music, and delicious snacks.

Students and teachers alike embraced the spirit of the season by donning imaginative and colorful costumes. The school’s classrooms came alive with the vibrant presence of students dressed as their favorite characters, superheroes, fairytale princesses, and more.

One of the event highlights was a captivating performance by the Baile Folkorico Team from Maie Ellis Elementary. The talented young performers showcased their traditional dances, captivating the audience with their grace and vibrant costumes. The performance added a cultural touch to the celebration and served as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and heritage within the school community.

The Mike Choate Early Education Center looks forward to continuing to build strong connections within its school community and providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for students and families.

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