FUESD Fall Camp Ignites Young Minds with Space-themed Adventures and Enrichment Activities

2023 Fall Camp voyaged into the realms of Space Camp.

FUESD (Fallbrook Union Elementary School District) recently concluded its highly successful Fall Camp, a three-day event from November 20th to 22nd, held at La Paloma Elementary. The camp catered to over 140 enthusiastic students, showcasing an exciting approach to learning and engagement within the community.

Under the stellar guidance of 13 dedicated FUESD teachers and supported by 20 classified staff members, the Fall Camp voyaged into the realms of Space Camp. Students, ranging from grades K through 8, embarked on a cosmic journey, creating Mars Rovers, Lunar Landers, and even had the remarkable opportunity to explore the wonders of a Planetarium.

Lillian Perez, FUESD After School Director, expressed her delight: “The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by our students during the Fall Camp were truly inspiring. It was incredible to witness their passion for space exploration and the collaborative efforts of our teachers and staff in providing a memorable educational experience.”

The engaging curriculum extended beyond astronomy, offering diverse enrichment activities such as art, music, E-sports, obstacle courses, and stimulating afternoon assemblies, enhancing both learning and fun for the attendees.

Moreover, the culinary aspect of the camp was equally cosmic, with daily cooking classes led by Kitchenistas, featuring space-themed recipes that added a flavorful dimension to the overall experience.

Students enjoyed art, music, E-sports, obstacle courses, and stimulating afternoon assemblies,

Looking forward, FUESD is gearing up for its upcoming Winter Camp. La Paloma Elementary will again play host to the event from December 18th to 21st, in collaboration with the Fallbrook Community Center. This time, the theme will revolve around art, culminating in a field trip to Balboa Park and downtown Mission Theatre for an afternoon movie and concession stand treats.

“We are thrilled to continue providing engaging and diverse experiences for our students in the upcoming Winter Camp,” added Lillian Perez. “Our partnership with the Fallbrook Community Center allows us to expand our offerings, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable time for all participants.”

FUESD remains committed to fostering innovative learning opportunities that inspire and empower young minds.

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