Innovative Sparks: Recap of Potter Junior High’s 2nd Annual FUESD Robotics Tournament

Potter Junior High’s Ladies of Legos team securing their victory

On Friday, December 15th, Potter Junior High School proudly hosted the 2nd Annual FUESD Robotics Tournament, a thrilling event showcasing the ingenuity and talent of young minds in the field of robotics. The tournament saw the enthusiastic participation of teams from Mary Fay Pendleton and San Onofre School, creating an atmosphere charged with innovation and competitive spirit.

The event brought together ten esteemed judges, comprising community members and district staff, who lent their expertise and support to evaluate the incredible projects and designs on display.

Potter Junior High School is thrilled to announce that amidst the fierce competition, their own team, the Ladies of Lego (LOL), emerged victorious, claiming the esteemed first-place position! This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and innovative prowess exhibited by the LOL team members.

The school administration extends heartfelt congratulations to all the brilliant students who participated in the tournament, showcasing their remarkable talents and passion for robotics. The event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and commitment of Mr. Floto, who not only organized this exceptional event but also guided and mentored students to success. Notably, Mr. Floto’s leadership resulted in Potter Junior High School securing both first and second place in this esteemed competition, a true testament to his expertise and commitment to fostering excellence.

Potter Principal, Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez, expressed admiration and congratulations to all participating schools, stating, “Potter Junior High School is immensely proud of the outstanding robotic excellence demonstrated by all the participating schools. The commitment, teamwork, and innovative spirit showcased at the 2nd Annual FUESD Robotics Tournament highlight the incredible potential of our young minds in shaping a future driven by technology. Congratulations to all the students for their remarkable achievements!”

FUESD extends its gratitude to all participants, judges, and volunteers who contributed to the success of the 2nd Annual FUESD Robotics Tournament. The event was a resounding success, not only celebrating technological innovation but also fostering collaboration, creativity, and a passion for robotics among students.

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