Lunch on the Lawn at La Paloma

La Paloma Elementary School, a part of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, recently hosted a delightful event that brought parents and students together for an afternoon of fun and togetherness. The “Lunch at the Lawn” event, allowed parents to join their children on the school campus for a special lunchtime experience. The event was a fantastic opportunity for parents to connect with their kids, share a meal, and create lasting memories. The event featured a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained. From games to interactive activities, there was something for everyone.

One of the highlights of the “Lunch at the Lawn” event was the delicious food provided by Child Nutrition Services. Parents and students had the option to enjoy mouthwatering pizza and a salad bar filled with fresh, locally-sourced vegetables. It was a true testament to the school district’s commitment to offering nutritious and tasty meals to its students.

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