Maie Ellis Elementary Celebrates Global Diversity at Annual International Dance Festival

The Maie Ellis Dual Language and Elementary School recently hosted its much-anticipated annual International Dance Festival, bringing together students, parents, and community members for a vibrant celebration of global culture through dance. Students from every grade level showcased their talents, performing dances from around the world in an event that highlighted the diversity and creativity of the Maie Ellis community.

The festival featured an impressive array of performances, starting with four Baile Folklórico dances by the Instituto Metropolitano de Tijuana. The program also included five other traditional Mexican dances, such as “El Pávido Návido” performed by 1st and 6th graders, and “El Sauce y la Palma” presented by Mrs. Ferriera’s MEE Baile Folklórico. Other Mexican favorites included “Sabador La Bamba,” “El Huitlacoche,” originally Aztecan, and the lively “Caballo Dorado” line dance from Chihuahua.

American culture was represented with a dynamic line dance, the “Cupid Shuffle,” from Louisiana, which encouraged audience participation. Additionally, performances of “Standing in a Crowded Room,” “Un Poco Loco” from the movie *Coco*, “Space Jam” by 5th graders, and “Iko Iko” from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, captivated the audience.

The festival extended beyond the Americas, featuring a sing-a-long to the Chilean song “Dubidubidu,” “El Guaco” from Venezuela, and the powerful “Maori Haka” from New Zealand, showcasing the global reach of the event.

The success of the festival was a collaborative effort, with special mentions to VP Maggie Taylor and Carlos Jimenez from the music team, and dance choreographer Vanessa Rodriguez. A special thanks to Ricardo Varela for his role in creating the beautiful floral arch that framed the performances.

“This festival is a testament to the universal language of dance, allowing our students to appreciate and celebrate different cultures and traditions,” said FUESD Communications Director, Seth Trench]. “It provides our students with a creative voice, fostering happiness and pride both individually and as a group.”

The Maie Ellis Elementary International Dance Festival not only entertained but also educated, demonstrating the power of cultural appreciation and community spirit. The school looks forward to continuing this cherished tradition in the years to come.


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