of an 8th grader

portrait of an 8th grader

Fallbrook Union Elementary School District is actively engaging the community in developing our Portrait of an 8 th Grader, a collective vision that articulates Fallbrook’s aspirations for all of our students. 
Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring the following questions:

  • What are the hopes, aspirations, and dreams that our community has for our young people?
  • What are the skills and habits of mind that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world
  • What are the implications for the design of the learning experiences – and equitable access to those experiences – we provide in our school systems?
We want our Portrait of an 8 th Grader to be locally developed, but globally positioned, and the Portrait Design team will bring unique perspectives to this collaborative process. Our shared aspiration is that all students have an educational experience that prepares them to be lifelong learners and contributors today and tomorrow.

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