Potter Junior High School Braves Shine Bright at Fallbrook Christmas Parade

Potter Junior High School proudly joined the vibrant tapestry of the 2023 Fallbrook Christmas Parade, adding to the festive spectacle with their enthusiastic participation and spirited showcase of Potter pride. The parade, a cherished tradition spanning Main Avenue from Ammunition to Ivy Street, featured an impressive procession of over 100 beautifully adorned entries, each aglow with the magic of the holidays and representing various entities, including organizations, individuals, schools, businesses, and sporting groups.

Amidst the colorful procession, the students of Potter Junior High School stood out with their lively engagement and dedicated efforts. Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ramirez, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the school’s involvement, supported by a passionate team including Mrs. Logan, the Band Director, Mrs. Seaux and Mr. Person, Ballet Folklorico Teachers, and Mr. Ramos, the Counselor, along with numerous other faculty members.

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez, Principal of Potter Junior High School, expressed heartfelt admiration for the Braves’ commitment to representing the school’s values and spirit within the Fallbrook community. “The parade offered a wonderful opportunity for our Potter Junior High School students to showcase their talents and celebrate the holiday spirit with the Fallbrook community. Their energy and passion were truly inspiring.”

The Fallbrook Christmas Parade, a much-anticipated event held early in December, remains a cherished gift to both local residents and visiting spectators, symbolizing unity and shared joy within the community. Potter Junior High School’s vibrant presence in this annual tradition not only underscored their dedication to academic excellence but also underscored their commitment to fostering community engagement and togetherness.

The school community eagerly looks forward to future opportunities to contribute to such meaningful events, continuing to foster a strong sense of pride and unity among students, faculty, and the wider Fallbrook community.

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