Regular Board Meeting | 11/06/2023 – 06:00 PM


Voting Members

  • Ms. Mary McBride, Board Vice President
  • Mr. Ricardo Favela, Board Clerk
  • Ms. Suzanne Lundin, Board Member
  • Ms. Diane Sebalj, Board Member
  • Dr. Constance Fish, Board Member


1. Meeting Called to Order

The meeting was called to order by Acting President Mary McBride at 5:00 p.m.

2. Hearing Session

There were no requests for public comment.

3. Oath of Office

Superintendent Monika Hazel administered the Oath of Office to Dr. Constance Fish for Trustee Area 4.

4. Adjourn into Closed Session

The Governing Board adjourned into closed session at 5:04 p.m.

5. Closed Session

a. Conference with Labor Negotiators
b. Personnel
1. Public Employment Performance Evaluation (Government Code Section 54957(b)(i) Title: Superintendent

6. Return from Closed Session and reconvene into Open Session

The Governing Board returned from closed session and reconvened into open session at 6:09 p.m.

7. Public Report of Action Taken in Closed Session

There was no action taken in closed session.

8. Flag Salute/Student Presentation

The flag salute and student presentation were led by student leaders from Potter Junior High.

9. Approve Minutes of the October 16, 2023 Regular Meeting

It is recommended the Governing Board approve the minutes of the October 16, 2023 regular meeting.

  • Motion made by: Mr. Ricardo Favela
  • Motion seconded by: Ms. Suzanne Lundin
  • Voting:
  • Ms. Mary McBride – Yes
  • Mr. Ricardo Favela – Yes
  • Ms. Suzanne Lundin – Yes
  • Ms. Diane Sebalj – Yes
  • Dr. Constance Fish – Abstain


1. Hearing Session

Mr. Zach Wilkinson addressed the Board on behalf of Potter Jr. High and thanked the Board for their investment in Potter and the resources coming into Potter.

2. Report from the Base Liaison

Base Liaison was not present at the Board Meeting.

3. Reports from the Board

Dr. Constance Fish and Ms. Diane Sebalj had no report.

Ms. Suzanne Lundin shared her excitement about attending a Dia De Los Muertos event, an annual highlight for her. She expressed her enthusiasm for the event and specifically highlighted the impressive presence of Potter Junior High Ballet Folklorico. Ms. Lundin took a moment to thank the staff for their efforts in making this participation possible. Emphasizing the significance of students engaging with the community, she underscored how they are esteemed as our finest representatives.

Mr. Ricardo Favela recounted his attendance at the Dia De Los Muertos event hosted at the local cemetery, an occasion that united the community in support of this cherished tradition. This event, notable in San Diego for its unique setting in a local cemetery, serves as a stronghold for preserving cultural values and traditions. Mr. Favela expressed his gratitude for the participation of local ballet folklorico performers from Potter Junior High, the Fallbrook Community Center, and the Fallbrook High School. In addition, Mr. Favela shared insights from his presence at the Migrant Education PAC Meeting at Maie Ellis, emphasizing the informative presentations and diverse activities available to parents. During the meeting, the Kitchenistas group prepared a vegan cauliflower ceviche, adding a flavorful touch to the proceedings. Furthermore, Mr. Favela detailed his involvement in the Fallbrook STEM Academy Festival, noting an increase in parent participation. He even took on the role of a volunteer DJ for the event, contributing to its success. Lastly, he reported the accomplishment of the Masters in Governance training, a comprehensive program spanning five Saturdays and attended by Trustee McBride and Superintendent Hazel. Mr. Favela expressed his satisfaction with the training and proudly announced his graduation from the program.

Ms. Mary McBride shared that she successfully completed the Masters in Governance training, dedicating 40 hours to the program alongside Trustee Favela and Superintendent Hazel. Furthermore, she reported her presence at the Fallbrook Rotary meeting, an event centered around acknowledging students of the month from the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District.

4. Report from the Superintendent

Ms. Monika Hazel recounted her participation in a bus tour with the Rotary Club of Fallbrook, where she noted the high enthusiasm among Rotarians for the opportunity to visit classrooms.

Ms. Hazel visited seven schools and conducted instructional rounds, a structured process featuring 90-minute sessions where principals highlighted key aspects of their schools. She discussed the positive changes reflected in Panorama data at Potter, specifically improvements in students’ feelings at school and their confidence as readers.

Expressing excitement about the district’s emphasis on reading, Ms. Hazel underscored the priority placed on fostering a love and joy for reading. She emphasized the continued focus on encouraging children to read at home for at least 20 minutes, considering it a crucial area of concentration.

Ms. Hazel also seized the opportunity to visit DeLuz Ecology Center, where she met Scott Gordon, a 30-year veteran teacher at DeLuz. She witnessed him working with 6th graders from La Paloma as they engaged in learning about outdoor survival and watershed studies.

Lastly, Ms. Hazel reminded everyone that Veterans Day is a holiday, with no school on Friday. She expressed gratitude to the military for their service and extended thanks to their spouses and children for their support and sacrifices.


1. Public Hearing: FUESD 2023-2024 Initial Proposal to Fallbrook Union Elementary Teachers Association (FETA)

2. Action: FUESD 2023-2024 Initial Proposal to Fallbrook Union Elementary Teachers Association (FETA)

It is recommended the Governing Board approve the initial proposal to the Fallbrook Elementary Teachers Association (FETA).

  • Motion made by: Ms. Suzanne Lundin
  • Motion seconded by: Dr. Constance Fish
  • Voting:
  • Ms. Mary McBride – Yes
  • Mr. Ricardo Favela – Yes
  • Ms. Suzanne Lundin – Yes
  • Ms. Diane Sebalj – Yes
  • Dr. Constance Fish – Yes


1. Information: Workshop and Conference Attendance


It is recommended the Governing Board approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

  • Motion made by: Ms. Suzanne Lundin
  • Motion seconded by: Mr. Ricardo Favela
  • Voting:
  • Ms. Mary McBride – Yes
  • Mr. Ricardo Favela – Yes
  • Ms. Suzanne Lundin – Yes
  • Ms. Diane Sebalj – Yes
  • Dr. Constance Fish – Yes

1. Routine Personnel

2. Purchase Order/Credit Card Report and Warrant Listing

3. Revolving Cash Fund Report

4. Change Order: Bid #402-22-23 – Roofing at Potter Jr. High


1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 6:47 p.m.

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