Rotary Club Goes Back to School: Discovering FUESD’s Educational Brilliance

In a spirit of community collaboration, the Rotary Club of Fallbrook joined Superintendent Hazel and FUESD Leaders in an all-day tour of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District (FUESD). The purpose of this special initiative was to provide Rotary members with an exciting look inside of the exceptional educational programs and achievements within the district, while emphasizing the importance of strong community partnerships. The tour included visits to Fallbrook STEM Academy, Live Oak Elementary and Potter Junior High School, granting Rotarians an up-close look at classrooms, valuable interactions with students and educators, and insights into the learning and accomplishments taking place daily within FUESD schools.

The day began early at the FUESD/FUHSD bus depot, where Rotary members and FUESD leaders gathered to embark on a journey across the community. Boarding an FUESD bus, this diverse group began an informative tour of schools within the local community, deepening their understanding of FUESD’s educational environment for students.

Monika Hazel, Superintendent of Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, emphasized the significance of building key relationships with community organizations like the Rotary Club, stating, “Our mission goes beyond classroom walls; it’s about preparing students for a lifetime of success. Collaborating with community partners, such as the Rotary Club of Fallbrook, allows us to strengthen our mission and enrich the lives of our students. Together, we create a brighter future.”

Dale Mitchell, President of the Rotary Club of Fallbrook, shared his perspective, “Rotarians enjoyed the tour of three schools in the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District. Students were consistently actively engaged in learning activities. Each of the classrooms and schools visited provided supportive environments for student learning.  Rotarians were impressed with the quality of the educational opportunities for students.”

The partnership between the Rotary Club of Fallbrook and the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District demonstrates a shared commitment to community well-being and educational excellence. The result of this  tour opens doors to potential future collaborations, aimed at enhancing education and opportunities within Fallbrook.

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