Shaping Tomorrow’s Classrooms: FUESD’s Long-Range Facilities Master Plan

At FUESD, we’re passionate about shaping the future of education, and we believe your input is key to this journey. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Long-Range Facilities Master Plan, a visionary roadmap setting the stage for the next 10 years of innovation in our schools.

Dream Big, Shape the Future

Join us in dreaming big and creating an exciting vision for the future of education! The master plan is more than just a blueprint; it’s an opportunity for our entire community to shape the trajectory of our district’s campuses. Your unique perspective and ideas will play a pivotal role in crafting the innovative and effective schools of tomorrow.

Your Voice Matters

Ready to share your thoughts? We’ve prepared a short survey to capture your insights and ideas. Your voice matters in this collaborative effort to build a brighter future for FUESD. Click the links below to complete the survey in your preferred language:

📋 English Survey

📋 Encuesta en Español

Stay Connected

Follow our blog for updates on the Facilities Master Plan journey. Let’s work together to create an educational environment that inspires and innovates.

Your insights matter, and we appreciate your commitment to the success of FUESD!

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