Star Students Shine: La Paloma’s Brightest as Rotary Students of the Month!

The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District is thrilled to announce the recognition of two exceptional sixth-grade students from La Paloma Elementary, Edward Murillo and Isabella Monge. They have been recognized as the Rotary Students of the Month by the esteemed Rotary Club of Fallbrook.

The Rotary Club of Fallbrook values the recognition of students who demonstrate outstanding academic prowess and exemplary leadership qualities within their school community. Each month, the club carefully selects two outstanding students from a local school, acknowledging their remarkable achievements, commitment to learning, and valuable contributions to the school environment.

Edward Murillo has exhibited remarkable dedication to academic excellence and serves as an inspiring role model to his peers. His consistent academic achievements, coupled with his natural leadership abilities, make him a deserving recipient of this esteemed recognition. Isabella Monge is acknowledged for her outstanding academic accomplishments and remarkable leadership skills demonstrated within the school community.

Seth Trench, the Director of Communications, shared his thoughts on these distinguished students, stating, “Celebrating Edward Murillo and Isabella Monge as the Rotary Students of the Month is a testament to the exceptional talent and leadership within our student body. They epitomize the qualities of academic excellence and community leadership that we strive to foster in all our students. Their recognition underscores the dedication and commitment our district upholds in shaping well-rounded, accomplished individuals. We are immensely proud of their achievements and the positive impact they continue to make within our school community.”

The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District extends heartfelt congratulations to Edward Murillo and Isabella Monge for their well-deserved recognition as the Rotary Students of the Month.

Their commitment to academic excellence and exceptional leadership serves as an inspiration to their peers and the entire school community. The District expresses profound gratitude to the Rotary Club of Fallbrook for their continuous support in honoring exceptional students, significantly contributing to the educational enrichment and success of our community.


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