FUESD Parents and Guardians,

Each year, Women’s History Month offers an important opportunity for us to shine a light on the extraordinary legacy of trailblazing women and girls who have built, shaped, and improved our nation.

Throughout history, women have made vital contributions, often in the face of discrimination and undue hardship. Courageous women marched for and won the right to vote, campaigned against injustice, shattered countless barriers, and expanded the possibilities of American life. Women served our nation during World War II, led many efforts during the Civil Rights Movement, and represented the United States on the global stage in the fight for human rights, peace, and security. Far too often, their heroic efforts and their stories have gone untold — especially the millions of Black women, immigrant women, and others from diverse communities who have strengthened our communities across every generation.

I am pleased to share just a few amazing stories of courageous women throughout history. We hope you enjoy these videos and free books as a family and take a moment this month to honor the great women who have come before us and the great women we see today.

Dr. Candace Singh, Superintendent 

Women of space travel

Women of the arts

Women of science

women’s fight for rights

Books Celebrating Women’s history

All books are free for FUESD Students