Building Leaders, Building Community: Maie Ellis Elementary’s Leadership Day

Parents and Community Members Seeing Classrooms in Action at MEE.

Maie Ellis Elementary School proudly welcomed parents and community members on March 21st for its highly anticipated Leadership Day, offering a firsthand glimpse into the innovative educational practices and leadership development initiatives flourishing within its walls.

The day commenced with the warmth of student greeters stationed at the entrance, setting a welcoming tone for the event. Parents and visitors were guided on a campus tour by these student ambassadors, gaining valuable insight into the vibrant daily life and learning environment at Maie Ellis Elementary.

The pinnacle of the occasion was the student-led assembly held in the auditorium, where attendees witnessed the remarkable embodiment of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students by the school’s young leaders. From nurturing self-belief to setting and achieving goals, students showcased their mastery of these vital life skills through engaging presentations and performances.

The assembly featured themed songs that reinforced key leadership principles, captivating the audience with creativity and enthusiasm. A standout moment was the mesmerizing performance by the Maie Ellis Elementary Ballet Folklorico members, celebrating the diverse talents and cultural richness within the school community.

Drawing a diverse crowd of parents, educators, and community leaders, the event underscored the widespread support and interest in Maie Ellis Elementary’s commitment to nurturing student leadership and academic excellence.

Principal Claudia D’Leon reflected, “At Maie Ellis, we are dedicated to providing safe, supportive, innovative, and engaging learning opportunities where students can thrive as individuals, academically, and prepare themselves with the skills needed for lifelong learning and leadership. Our students have the daily opportunity to cultivate their leadership skills, whether through classroom responsibilities, student-led clubs, participation in our Lighthouse teams, or by practicing the habits of happy kids outlined in Leader in Me. Similarly, they can apply these skills as they set academic goals and plans for continued individual growth.”

Maie Ellis Elementary’s Leadership Day serves as a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of leadership, community engagement, and academic excellence. Through collaborative efforts, the school continues to empower its students to become confident leaders poised for success in both their academic and personal endeavors.


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