Fallbrook Tradition Continues: The Don Dornon Games Celebrate Youth Athletics and Community Spirit

The Don Dornon Games, a cherished tradition in Fallbrook, once again brought together the community in celebration of youth athletics and camaraderie for the 51st time. Originally established by the Fallbrook Street PTA and student council, and spearheaded by the dedicated leadership of Don Dornon, a beloved teacher, the games have evolved into an annual highlight for the region.

Following Mr. Dornon’s passing in 1976, the community rallied to establish a memorial fund ensuring the continuation of the track meet. In 1977, the event was renamed the Dornon Games in honor of Mr. Dornon’s unwavering commitment to the youth of Fallbrook.

This year’s event, held on Saturday, April 20th, showcased the talents and dedication of 525 student athletes from 4th to 6th grade across all of Fallbrook Union Elementary School District’s Elementary Schools. The event, serving as a year-end celebration of the Physical Education program, was made possible through the tremendous support of over 110 volunteers, including 84 students from Fallbrook High School, who eagerly lent their time and energy to ensure the success of the event.

The Don Dornon Games exemplify the spirit of community and the power of youth athletics to bring us together. It’s inspiring to see generations of volunteers and students unite in the pursuit of excellence and sportsmanship.

The event saw participation from 84 student volunteers from Fallbrook High School and 21 Marines from Camp Pendleton, further emphasizing the unity and collaboration among different segments of the community.

“The Don Dornon Games owe much of their success to the collaborative efforts of various organizations and individuals. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Marines from Camp Pendleton and esteemed organizations such as the Fallbrook Village Rotary, Fallbrook’s National Charity League, and the Fallbrook High School Track and Field Department, Coaches, and students for their invaluable contributions.” shared Seth Trench, Director of Communications for FUESD.

In the true spirit of Don Dornon’s legacy, FUESD students embraced the challenge of giving their best efforts, whether in running, jumping, throwing, or tugging. We congratulate Live Oak Elementary for being awarded the Marciano Gonzales Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy once again this year.

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