FUESD Schools Hosts Open House at De Luz SchoolHouse to Honor Retiring Outdoor Education Teacher, Scott Gordon

Longtime teacher and steward of the Deluz Schoolhouse, Scott Gordon

The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District (FUESD) recently hosted a heartwarming open house event at the historic De Luz SchoolHouse, welcoming students, staff, and community members to celebrate the legacy of Scott Gordon, the retiring outdoor education teacher and long-time steward of the school house property.

Scott Gordon has dedicated over three decades to outdoor education and the De Luz SchoolHouse, fostering a deep respect for the environment among the countless students he has taught. His tenure has seen over 84,000 students transformed by their visits to De Luz, where they have learned to appreciate and love nature under his guidance.

Gordon’s multifaceted role over the years has included responsibilities as a teacher, environmental expert, custodian, maintenance worker, trail leader, and much more. His tireless commitment has ensured that De Luz remains a cornerstone of environmental education in the community.

“Scott Gordon’s dedication to both the students and the De Luz School House is unparalleled,” said Monika Hazel, FUESD Superintendent. “His efforts have not only preserved this historic site but also created a transformative experience woven into our community.”

The open house provided a rare opportunity for the community to explore the school house property and appreciate the natural beauty and historical significance of the site. Attendees viewed archaeological and natural pieces found on the property, learned about the local Indigenous history of the land, and participated in activities such as ax throwing and archery.

With Gordon’s retirement, FUESD is excited to welcome Stephanie Wilcox-Hall as the new De Luz Ecology Center teacher. Stephanie’s experiences as a STEM Lab TOSA and PBL+ TOSA, and classroom teacher will contribute to the longstanding tradition of Outdoor Education, which is a cornerstone of the student experience in FUESD.

As Gordon steps into retirement, the FUESD community celebrates his invaluable contributions and the lasting impact he has made. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations to value and protect our natural world, while Stephanie Wilcox-Hall brings a new wave of enthusiasm and expertise to the De Luz Ecology Center.

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