Potter Junior High Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Spectacular Baile Folklorico Performance

This year, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, students from Potter Junior High School took the stage to perform an exhilarating Baile Folklorico, a traditional Mexican folk dance, during this month’s Potter Leadership Rally.

The lead teacher for the Baile Folklorico group, Chelsea Seaux Anthony, expressed her excitement for her students exciting performance, saying, “Each year, our Baile Folklorico group has grown, and we are excited to be dancing in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Baile Folklorico is a passion of mine, and I love to share my passions with my students. A lot of times, it’s a great opportunity for students to shine and show different sides of themselves than what they do in the classroom. I love Hispanic culture, the language, and the music and dancing. I am happy I am able to share this with my students, and for them to share it with the community at large.”

As Potter Junior High School comes together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, this Baile Folklorico performance serves as a beautiful testament to the latino community of Fallbrook and FUESD Schools’ commitment to promoting cultural understanding and appreciation among its students and the wider community.


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