Notice of Award for RFP 404-23-24

RFP #406-23-24 Legal Services

RFP # 405-23-24 SPED Transportation

RFP #405-23-24 Q/A

1. Would the District be interested in bids from cost-effective alternative transportation solutions utilizing sedans and SUVs as a supplement in cases where transportation needs are most efficiently met by smaller vehicles (e.g. special education, IEP, McKinney Vento, and/or other small group and individual rides provided on an as-needed basis)?

  • Yes, we currently contract with vendors that utilize sedans and vans.

2. If yes, will the District adjust vehicle and/or personnel requirements in cases where the requirements referenced in the RFP are explicitly non-applicable to non-commercial vehicles and personnel if vendors meet and exceed all pertinent criteria as well as all equivalent applicable standards? For example, sedan-based noncommercial transportation generally does not require first aid kits for 10 or fire extinguishers.

  • The RFP does not specifically reference commercial transportation requirements. The District requires that all vehicles used to transport students are properly maintained and meet insurance requirements.

3. Please provide historical and/or estimated information on the following:

  • Monthly ridership – 8
  • Average number of riders per one-way trip – Approx. two (2), but varies depending
    on needs and accommodations of students
  • Number of one-way trips per month – Varies depending on the number of school
    days, ranging from 11 days to 22 days in a month. There are, however, 180
    instructional days in the school year.
  • Average mileage per one-way trip – 32 miles
  • Total trip mileage per month – Varies depending on the number of school days per
    • 32 avg. miles per trip, avg. of 4 routes, 2 trips per day, 180 school days, and
      10 months in the school year
      • (32 x 4 x 2 x 180) / 10 = 4,608 avg. miles per month

*Estimates are based on 2022-2023 data provided in bid documents

4. How often will contractors be required to share safety and performance data with the District? What type of data will be required?

  • Contractors are required to perform daily vehicle inspections. The District may ask
    for a monthly report to ensure that all vehicles are properly maintained and safe to
    transport students. The monthly report should also include any incident
    information, such as accidents or complaints.

5. Will the District allow for a model that subcontracts drivers?

  • Yes, however, all drivers are required to be CPR certified, must hold applicable
    licenses to operate the vehicle, be free of active tuberculosis, and have undergone a
    background check.

6. For the pricing page:

  • Does the District want bidders to quote the information as it is presented (a quote
    for each line of student information), or route it as if we were running the service?
    • Please provide quotes as if you were running the service.
  • Special equipment needs (car seat, safety vest, etc.) are not noted on the student
    information page. Do any of these routes need additional equipment other than the
    one notation of a wheelchair?
    • Some routes will require a car seat, booster seat, and seat belt locks.

RFP #404-23-24 Q/A

  1. What listing price should be presented for items that might not show commodity in the market basket?

ANSWER:  Please provide pricing in the appropriate columns (1 delivery/week or 2 deliveries/wk) and indicate in the “Fee for Service” column how the commodity pricing, if applicable, will be handled (i.e. the discount amount or Net Off Invoice or other).

  1. What does the “Extension” column in the market basket represent?

ANSWER: This is the total amount based on the total usage quantities given. To obtain the total amount you would multiply the total usage by the pricing based on 1 drop per week or 2 drops per week to fill the appropriate column.

  1. In regards to the pricing under “1 drop per week” or “2x per week” quoting, would this be one central site or multiple locations?

ANSWER: We are three different districts.  Each district has different delivery requirements.  BUSD prefers once a week deliveries on Thursdays.  Fallbrook HS prefers twice a week deliveries on Tuesdays/Thursdays.  Fallbrook Elementary prefers once a week deliveries on Tuesdays.

  1. Will the BID opening be a public event?



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