RFP #404-23-24 Q/A

  1. What listing price should be presented for items that might not show commodity in the market basket?

ANSWER:  Please provide pricing in the appropriate columns (1 delivery/week or 2 deliveries/wk) and indicate in the “Fee for Service” column how the commodity pricing, if applicable, will be handled (i.e. the discount amount or Net Off Invoice or other).

  1. What does the “Extension” column in the market basket represent?

ANSWER: This is the total amount based on the total usage quantities given. To obtain the total amount you would multiply the total usage by the pricing based on 1 drop per week or 2 drops per week to fill the appropriate column.

  1. In regards to the pricing under “1 drop per week” or “2x per week” quoting, would this be one central site or multiple locations?

ANSWER: We are three different districts.  Each district has different delivery requirements.  BUSD prefers once a week deliveries on Thursdays.  Fallbrook HS prefers twice a week deliveries on Tuesdays/Thursdays.  Fallbrook Elementary prefers once a week deliveries on Tuesdays.

  1. Will the BID opening be a public event?



Amy Haessly
Director of Child Nutrition
(760) 731-4352

Marsi Sanchez
Secretary III – Bilingual
(760 ) 731-4356

Brook Shearer
Lead Cafeteria Assistant & Catering
(760) 695-9652

Iskra Kearns
Central Kitchen Production Lead
(760) 731-5451

Eladia Trejo
Satellite Production Coordinator at Maie Ellis Elementary School
(760) 731-9371

Elen Witzel
Satellite Production Coordinator,
James E Potter Intermediate
(760) 695-9804

Michiko Stephens
Satellite Production Coordinator,
San Onofre School
(949) 325-6889

Martha Rivera-Ortiz
Satellite Production Coordinator,
Mary Fay Pendleton School
(760) 847-9333

321 Iowa St.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

(760) 731-5400

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